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If you live in Southern California, you can donate to Bill Foundation just by buying groceries at Ralphs!

If you are already a Ralph’s customer you can register your rewards card at – you’ll need your rewards card number.

1) Log in to

2) Click on Sign In/Register

3) If you already have an online account enter your email address and password and click ‘Sign in’ – otherwise click on Register and create an account.

4) Once you’ve signed on to your account, click on ‘My Ralphs’ located under the “Welcome” note.

5) Click on ‘Community Contribution’

6) Click on ‘enroll’ toward the bottom of that screen

7) Enter the card number as shown on your Ralphs rewards card and click on ‘Save Changes’

(This is the small number on the back of your Ralphs card. You cannot use your phone number. If you’ve lost your card you can request a new card and enroll with that number.)

8) Under “Find your organization” type in 81125 or “Bill Memorial” and then click ‘search’

9) In the “Select Your Organization Section” click on the bubble next to Bill Memorial Foundation and click on ‘Save Changes’

Within 72 hours of signing up, your purchases will start counting towards rewards. Ralphs will donate anywhere from 1-4% of eligible purchases. Each annual term starts on September 1 and ends on August 31. You must re-enroll on or after September 1 every year.(For example, even if you enroll on August 30, 2015, you will still have to re-enroll on September 1, 2015 in order for 2015 purchases to count.)