The Bill Foundation Adoption Process consists of 6 Steps:

1 – Complete and submit an adoption application – can be found by clicking on above box!

2 – Adoption application review (hang tight, we are primarily volunteer based).

3 – Come to our bi-monthly Sunday adoption fair and meet our available dogs.

4 – Adoption committee review – After meeting with you at the adoption fair and introducing you to the dogs, the adoption committee will meet, discuss and make a decision with regard to adoption. They will contact you to let you know if they believe you are a good match.

5 – Home check – A Bill Foundation representative will come to your home so that we can ensure the animal’s new home is safe and secure and free of any potential health risks. This is important to ensure the environment is suitable for a dog and, when necessary, educate the adopter and share some helpful tips for a successful adoption

6 – Agreement & Donation – A contractual agreement is completed between Bill Foundation and the dog’s new family and a donation is requested. We suggest a minimum donation of $350. Look into your heart, if you are able to give more, please do. Bill Foundation receives no corporate or government funding, and our cost to rescue and place the average dog far exceeds $350.

Adoption Criteria

Our criteria for determining how we place a dog with a prospective adopter is based on 4 primary concerns:?

1- The safety of the dog

2- The suitability of the prospective adopter, their home & lifestyle to a particular dog’s needs

3- The pet ownership history of the applicant

4- The stability of the prospective adopter’s home and lifestyle

The Foster to Adopt Option

Do you think that you have found the perfect dog to add to your family but you’re not completely sure? Consider the Foster to Adopt Option.?

Many fabulous matches have been made for people who weren’t completely ready to commit. By giving you a two week “trial” period, you will have the chance to get to know the dog and see if it’s a good fit for you. This can be an excellent option for those with another dog already in their home.


Out of Area Adopter

Bill Foundation is a Beverly Hills/Los Angeles based organization. Although we do place nearly all our of dogs locally, we will certainly consider an out of area application if it seems to be an ideal match for one of our dogs.

We require that all out of area applicants come to Los Angeles in order for us to meet them and for the applicant to meet the dog in person. If your application is a very good match and if you are able to make the trip to Los Angeles, we would request a local rescue organization do a preliminary home visit on our behalf.

It is our policy and part of the adoption process that we, or another rescue of our choosing, conduct a home visits to make sure that the adopted dog gets settled into his home and off to the very best start for a successful placement. Please note that In general, we give priority to local applications.

Certain Rules Always Apply

Senior adopter: If the potential adopter is elderly, and especially if he has not had a dog in many years, there is a concern that there are unrealistic expectations of the amount of time and energy required to responsibly care for a dog – particularly a young energetic dog. It would be unusual for the adoption committee to place a dog under 4 or 5 years of age with an older adopter. In addition to meeting all of our general adoption criteria, elderly adopters must have a family member or close friend who is willing to be the co-adopter. In the event that the adopter is no longer able to care for the dog, the co-adopter agrees to take full responsibility for the dog.